best city for upsc preparation

Here are the top 5 cities for UPSC preparation. Here we explained in detail the best city for upsc preparation and the safest city for upsc preparation. Many student’s first choice for upsc preparation is Delhi followed by Pune. But apart from Delhi and Pune, there are other cities where you can prepare for upsc cheaply and well. Preparing for upsc in Delhi is a bit expensive as compared to other cities. But according to students, there are many classes available in Delhi as well as notes and many books centers you can find in one place. Delhi provides one of the best study cultures for upsc preparation. In this article, we have given you all the information like which city is suitable to live in, which city is the cheapest, and which city offers you the best facilities for UPSC preparation. Here we have given the best cities for ias preparation, which city is best for ias coaching, the best place for ias preparation in Delhi, and the best place for ias preparation in India.

In fact, since 1999, Delhi has become a major UPSC preparation hub. Initially, major classes like Rau IAS Study Circle, Vajirao and Ravi were started in Delhi. But in the same place i.e. in Rajendra Nagar, a Maharashtrian person started the library concept. So naturally the students of Maharashtra automatically got information about the classes in Delhi and Marathi students started going there for preparation in large numbers. Also, students from many states started coming to Delhi for upsc preparation, so Delhi became a major hub for upsc preparation.

Delhi has all the conveniences for students preparing for UPSC in one place so students easily go to Delhi. Food, library, hostel, paying guest (PG), and book shops, are all in one place. Delhi has numerous amenities for upsc preparation. But Delhi is very expensive for poor and middle-class students. However, after the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic, many students started preparing for upsc at their own homes. Also, students started preparing in other cities of India like Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Patna, Mumbai, Gurugram, Bhopal, Prayagraj (Allahabad) and Chandigarh.

best cities for ias preparation-

1. Delhi- Going to Delhi is considered to be the best option for UPSC preparation. Living in Delhi, the capital city of India, gives you an up-close experience of administrative work. Book shops, high-quality coaching classes, test series center, and hostel facilities all in one place which gives you the advantage of studying in Delhi. You don’t have to work hard to find a hostel to stay in Delhi for UPSC preparation as there are plenty of options for hostels and a flat sharing system.

Many students come from different states for UPSC preparation so you get to experience all the cultures. There is certainly a culture conducive to study. From upsc classes to Staff Selection Commission, Banking Railway IB Exam, and other competitive exams, you can find many coaching classes here. From very cheap coaching classes to expensive coaching classes, you will find here.  Staying in Delhi for UPSC preparation gives you a daily experience of how highly competitive is upsc exam.

2.Pune- Pune is known as the second most important competitive exam preparation city in the country. Here you can see many coaching classes for MPSC exam to UPSC at this place. Currently, the famous classes for the Staff Selection Commission and Banking Exam are in Pune. Pune city is known as IT city and you will find many students preparing for upsc doing jobs with the study. As compared to Delhi, the fees for coaching classes are very low in Pune and the accommodation is also very affordable. Food arrangements are better in Pune than in Delhi.

The hostel accommodation is good in Pune. The most important classes in Pune for upsc preparation – Chanakya Mandal, Unique Academy, Gyandeep Academy, Bhagirathi Academy, and branches of many reputed classes of Delhi are located in Pune. Many students from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka come to Pune to prepare for competitive exams. The advantages of staying in Pune for competitive exam preparation are- The pune environment is very pleasant, coaching classes fees are very low, accommodation and food are good and cheap, and Pune has better education and competitive exam culture than Delhi. For the preparation of NDA, many students come here from different states.

3. Hyderabad – The special identity of the city of Hyderabad is that there is an IPS Officer training center in the city of Hyderabad. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy is an institute that provides training for IPS officers in Hyderabad. Many trainee IPS officers will meet you in city street on Sunday. The best coaching classes in South India are still considered to be in Hyderabad. M. Laxmikant Sir also has a coaching center in Hyderabad for polity. Similarly, all reputed coaching classes have branches in Hyderabad. Hyderabad City is known as IT city but earlier it was known as Competitive Exam Preparation City. Cost of living in Hyderabad compared to Delhi is cheaper.

Similarly, the fee for meals and classes is also low. The Telugu language is mainly spoken in Hyderabad. Therefore, Telugu and English mediums are mostly preferred in the coaching classes here for competitive exam preparation. Students from almost all states of South India come to Hyderabad for UPSC preparation. Although many students from South India cannot afford to go to Delhi, their first choice for study is the city of Hyderabad. Maths and reasoning classes in Hyderabad are very famous.

4. Bangalore – Bangalore is known as the IT capital of India but it is home to the oldest upsc preparation coaching classes in South India and India. But currently, many students don’t prefer  Bangalore because it has become very expensive. living in Bangalore is very expensive compared to other cities. Similarly, traffic is the most serious issue. Many upsc classes in Bangalore have shifted to Delhi. Overall, the importance of Bangalore has decreased a bit. Many students from South India currently choose Hyderabad over Bangalore for UPSC preparation. Accommodation in Bangalore is better compared to other cities and accommodation is easily available.

But due to some reason now, it is very difficult to go to Bangalore for upsc preparation. Bangalore has a much larger network of IT coaching classes than upsc classes. Many coding classes as well as data science classes are available in Bangalore city. Overall we feel Delhi, Pune or Hyderabad city is better for upsc preparation than Bangalore. Currently, the best coaching classes for preparation for DRDO, ISRO, and other central exams are available here in these cities.

5. Prayagraj (Allahabad) – This district in Uttar Pradesh was once the most famous for UPSC preparation. But Allahabad i.e. Prayagraj has lost a little importance as all the prominent classes for upsc preparation are shifted to Delhi. But you will find many well-reputed classes of State PCS, SSC, Railways, and Banking in these cities. Prayagraj city was once considered the most important for upsc preparation. Many old coaching classes for UPSC preparation are available here. Overall this city in North India is now considered good for UPSC preparation. Because the accommodation and food are good and you will find it at a cheap price. Many students preparing in Hindi medium choose Prayagraj. Many students from North India choose this city to prepare for Railways and Banking.