How to prepare for upsc interview

In this article, we have given information about how to prepare for an upsc interview. Similarly, information about this year’s topper interview strategy has been given here. Here we explain common myths about upsc interviews and tips for upsc interviews.

Everyone who is studying for any competitive exam is curious about the upsc interview. Upsc interview is not just an interview but a personality test. This means they(the upsc panel) not going to test your knowledge but they test your awareness. Many students surely have this question when to prepare for UPSC interview? UPSC interview preparation starts from day one i.e. when you decide to take the UPSC exam. You must have heard many upsc interview stories that some interviews were completed in just 5 to 10 minutes. Some interviews lasted half an hour. Many funny questions and logical thinking questions have been asked many times.

According to experts, you should prepare for the interview in English. But if you have chosen the Hindi medium for the interview and if the interview members ask questions in English, then you can request the interview board and give the interview in Hindi. Speaking in Hindi is allowed for an upsc interview.

Upsc interview can be given in Hindi language. Even if the medium of writing your answer is in English, you can give the interview in Hindi. Even if it is a regional language like Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Rajasthani, you can take the help of a translator. Almost 80% of upsc interview candidates use english language for interview. The upsc interview is an uncertain interview which means there is no telling what kind of questions will be asked. But every interview panel member makes you a little more comfortable and happy.

Perhaps the first question might be, please introduce yourself. So you should talk for at least 2 to 3 minutes on the answer to this question. You have to answer the question according to what the interview board has asked you. Answer each question politely and truthfully. Maybe the entire interview is about your educational background or your hobby. So you have to prepare your Detailed Application Form (DAF) properly. You have to be careful while preparing the Detailed Application Form (DAF) as the interview board may ask questions based on your Detailed Application Form (DAF).

How to prepare for an upsc interview?

1. Balanced Approach – Your style of speech and behavior should be balanced. Your behavior should show how you have a balanced approach. That is, take a neutral stance while answering the questions. You will act as an administrator so you should mediate in social life. One should be able to say not only yes sir but also no sir in an interview. The interviewer sees in you whether you have a balanced approach or not.

2. Be Humble and Simple – No matter how highly educated or how rich you are, you must be humble. The interviewer will see if you have humanity and kindness. You are going to work as an authority in society so you should have humanity and a neutral stance. Because marginalized sections of the society will come to you for help. Your personality should be simple and humble.

3. Read your DAF/Biodata again and again – The interview panel members will ask you questions based on your DAF after seeing your Detailed application form(DAF). They will ask about the hobbies you have mentioned in your DAF and your educational background. They may ask which post you prefer and why. They may ask questions related to your optional subject and favorite subject.

4. Know yourself – You should know yourself what is special about you. If the interview board member asks what qualities you possess, you should be able to answer. They may ask questions about your hobbies and good habits.

5. Keep yourself updated – If you don’t stay updated, you can become outdated. Know the trend of competitive exams. Acquire new skills. Study current affairs continuously. Keep updating social, economic, and educational affairs/news. In an upsc interview, the interview board members see how updated you are.

The following types of questions can be asked –

1. Question about Hobby – The upsc interview panel may ask a question about hobbies. So prepare for such types of questions. The interview board will check how much you know about your hobby. Your personality is tested in the interview because of your hobby. Suppose you like to play football or cricket then the interview board may ask questions about how many players are there in that sport. Or they can ask this question about famous players of that sport or international competition.

2. Educational Background Questions – Most questions in upsc interview can ask based on educational background. Questions may also arise on the subject from which you have done masters or graduation. They can ask about your favorite subject and topic questions. The interview board member may ask questions based on your graduation subjects. The interview board member may ask many questions based on your optional subjects. So study the educational /optional/general studies topics well before going for the interview.

3. Job Preference Question –
Interview boards may ask you questions based on your preferred service. Suppose you want to become IPS then they can also ask why you want to become IPS and why you are not preferred for IAS post. Similarly, if you have a previous job has been done, the interview board can ask questions about it. Situational and conditional questions will be asked regarding which services you want to go for. Based on the problem you face in the service, they can ask for information and ask for a solution.

4. Your city and state issue- Before appearing for an upsc interview you must know your hometown/district’s current problems with solutions. The interview panel can also ask about your district’s famous cuisine.,industrial areas, river systems, and wildlife sanctuaries. Be prepared for anything and everything about districts and states. Because they can test your knowledge and awareness. There is a no pass or fail method for an upsc interview. But you should keep in mind that your interview marks are important for your rank. Try to give many interview tests before going to the real interview.

Dress code for UPSC interview-

upsc announces the dress code information every year. For men, there is formal dress, a jodhpuri suit or blazer is allowed. Women can prefer either a formal Indian sari or a salwar kurta. Women can also wear office wear blazers. No fancy dress is allowed. When you receive a call for an interview you automatically get an official email for the interview dress code and instruction list. The blazer tie should be properly bowed. You must wear formal black or brown formal shoes. Formal chappal and formal belts should be used.