how to prepare for upsc with jobs

Here is the perfect strategy for working professionals and guidance for how to prepare for upsc with a job. This article is helpful for those students who preparing upsc exam with a job. Time management strategy is given here for working professionals.
Which book to read, what should be the strategy while preparing upsc exam with a job, and what should be the approach while preparing for an upsc while doing the job? Students preparing for UPSC with job are financially independent so they have their plan B. This article is very important for you even if you are studying UPSC part-time. Some students are financially vulnerable so they need to prepare for upsc with a job.
Every student thinks that he should prepare for upsc full time but for some reason, many students have to prepare for UPSC with a job. Students who prepare for upsc by doing jobs have unique confidence and can crack the UPSC exam easily. Even if you have a nine-to-five job, you have to study for one to two hours in the morning and two to three hours in the evening after coming from work. But upsc exam preparation requires you to work smart.
Many students are discussing how to prepare for upsc by doing a job. Now we are going to tell you about all the topics whether it is possible to prepare UPC while doing the job and what is the method to prepare for upsc while doing a job. It is possible and easy to prepare for upsc by doing a job. Working professionals who prepare for upsc exams require a lot of patience and time management.
If you are working and preparing for upsc then this is a good thing for you as you are financially independent and have backup and plan b. You know how to use time well, how to study, how to plan a table, and how to implement it. All the students who prepare full-time for upsc get time throughout the day. So you have very little time as you work and prepare for the exam. If you are preparing for upsc while working, you should avoid group study and focus on self-study. If you get a lunch break or any other break at the office, in that break you can read the syllabus or make short notes or read short notes.
UPSC full-time aspirants do little time pass because they have a full day but for working professionals, they struggle for time. The good thing about working professionals who prepare for upsc is that -All working professionals study in a planned and disciplined manner. Allow dedicated time for each subject. They emphasize self-study rather than group study.
Here is the list of UPSC toppers who prepared for UPSC with a job- Aparna Ramesh (Rank 35), Abhimanyu Gehlaut (Rank 38), Mithali Sethi (Rank 56), Vandana Pokhriyal, Neha Nautiyal, Nitin Sangwan, Bhavna HS.
UPSC 2024 topper Aditya Srivastava passed last year 2023 with 236th rank and became IPS but got rank this year after fresh preparation. Aditya Srivastava will now become IAS. Also, many students are preparing for UPSC by doing such jobs
Every year at least 100 to 150 students prepare for UPSC with doing the job. Preparing for upsc is a bold decision. You need to do some smart work and stay updated while preparing for upsc while working. Full-time preparation students can read two books for one subject but if you are preparing upsc with a job then you have to read one book for one subject. You can skip two books but revise one book multiple times. Get out of the stress of office work and studies and prepare with a balanced approach. Even if you have less time, you can prepare for UPSC in a good way. Studying students have 13 to 14 hours in a day but students preparing for UPSC with jobs get only 3 to 4 hours to study.
The reason students who prepare upsc with doing jobs pass easily is – 1. Proper time planning and implementation 2. Minimum study material and maximum revision 3. Smart study 4. Smart work 5. daily writing MCQ practice. 6. They have a professional attitude. Only solving test series will work but analyzing it properly is required.
Study in less time but good study good diet and good sleep is very important for you. You should reserve half a day for revision and test papers on the day when you have a holiday from the office. Don’t need to listen to people who sat that it is difficult to prepare for an upsc with a job.
how to prepare for UPSC with Job-
1. Read less and revise more –                                                                                                                                If you are working and preparing for UPSC then you have less time so you have to study well in less time. That means you should read fewer books and revise the books many times. Only one book should be read for one subject. It is better to make your self-made notes rather than reading ready-made notes. Since you are working, you have less time, read a book at least two or three times, make notes on it, and read those notes again. No matter how much someone says that this book is good for a subject, you should not buy or read that book unless you are sure or get book feedback. 
2. Make your own notes – You will find many ready-made notes of upsc toppers in the market. But you have to make your own short notes and read the same. Readymade notes are very lengthy. And its size is like a book. Rather, you should read a book at least two or three times and make notes on it. About ten to fifteen-page notes should be prepared for each subject and read repeatedly and revised. You can take your own notes anywhere as well as read them anywhere. In your own words and in your own handwriting and self-written notes are always better. Each UPSC topper prepares and revises their own notes
3. Make a proper timetable- Since you are working and preparing for upsc exam, you have less time so you need to make good use of the time.  You must study for at least one or two hours after waking up early in the morning and after coming from the office you need to study for two to three hours. You should follow your own time table without fail. You need to divide the time you have between the pre-exam, main exam and optional preparation. If you stay away from social media, you save a lot of time. Make maximum use of smart study techniques like making notes, reading, and revising it. Some trainee IPS officers give another attempt for IAS post fresh while in training.