plan b for upsc aspirants

Now we are going to discuss what plan B you should have after the UPSC exam, what can you do in the future if you don’t pass the UPSC exam, and what kind of jobs UPSC aspirants can get. Today we are going to tell you that plan b for UPSC aspirants in the future. Even if you failed the upsc exam or any other exam, what are the career options for you? You must have heard many students discussing that you should have a plan B while appearing for UPSC. Many students may have a difference of opinion that you should have a plan B while preparing for competitive exams.
You can also see examples nowadays that after failing the competitive exam they started their life and now they are living a settled life and earning well. Some have started a competitive exam class, some are teaching students in competitive exam classes, some are doing freelancing and some have started a competitive exam-related business.

The competitive exam field is unpredictable. All in all, you need luck along with hard work to crack competitive exams. Many students who are preparing for competitive exams often have a difference of opinion on whether plan b should be used or not. You may have seen that many upsc toppers mention in their speeches that there should be a plan B. Having a plan B gives you a sense of security. No matter how smart you are or how much knowledge you have but, one thing you need to keep in mind is that you should have a plan B ready. Having a plan B doesn’t mean taking a loophole.

According to us, you should have a plan b while taking competitive exams as this thought gives you a sense of security. While studying you are often stressed about what will happen in the future or whether you will pass the exam or not so you should have a plan B. If you have a plan B then you don’t need to worry and your stress level is reduced. Students from technical backgrounds like engineering and medical students they have a plan b ready. Because if they don’t get success in a competitive exam then they can do a job or business related to it. On the other hand, if Art Science, and Commerce students don’t have a plan B, then they have a question of what to do next after competitive exams.

Many students who have appeared in competitive exams are depressed due to failure, there is no plan B here. So, while preparing for the competitive exam, you should consciously consider whether you have a plan B or not. It is necessary for you to think about what will happen to you next, apart from competitive exams, in which other field can you create your own existence or what can be another means of your livelihood. Plan B is for you to make your own decision without discussing it with anyone.

Career after upsc exam
1. Freelancing – Freelancing is an online-based job and business. Skill is essential in freelancing. Reliance meets you when you have some skill. Shriram Singh has many job-searching platforms. At Shree Lal Singh, you can create websites, write, code, and develop software, provide photography services, and graphic designing, provide advertising advice, provide tally and accounting-related services, provide social media-related services, provide podcast services, business consultants can provide related services. In freelancing you can achieve great success in less time. Many competitive exam students are freelancing today.

2. Coaching class – Many students preparing for the competitive exam have to prepare for many subjects i.e. they have knowledge of many subjects. Suppose you have expert-level knowledge in Mathematics,  History, Geography, Economics, polity, Science, or any other subject then you can go to any coaching class and get a job. We have seen examples where many students who were experts in a subject later joined coaching classes and started teaching kids there and started earning well. If you have deep knowledge in subjects like mathematics intelligence as well as economics and politics in UPSC, you can get an invitation for a lectureship through any class. Or you can start your own coaching class. Today we come across many students who did not get success in the competitive exam but later started their own coaching class business and made a good name through it. Coaching class in competitive exams is business for the long term. This can be a good backup and plan b for you if you are going to teach a coaching class.

3. Blogging- As you are preparing for competitive exams you have knowledge of many subjects. You can take many subjects. You can reach great knowledge people through blogging. You have studied all subjects from current affairs to history, geography, and politics. Many students today There are those who are preparing for competitive exams while blogging and earning through it. In blogging, you can write a blog on the subject in which you have knowledge. Many competitive exam prep students in Delhi are currently blogging because blogging can serve as a plan B for you. You can make a good career on YouTube with blogging. You can make a good career in blogging because you have knowledge of many subjects because of competitive exams.

4. Teaching – Those who did not succeed in competitive exams chose teaching as a career. Almost all the teachers who teach the competitive exam classes were preparing for the competitive exam at some point. Teaching competitive exam kids is a very good job. Because you didn’t let your knowledge go to waste. You can become an expert in many subjects like History, Geography, politics, Economics, Mathematics, and English. Today, many famous teachers were once preparing for competitive exams. Teaching can also be your plan B. Drishti ias Vikas sir Khan sir, and Awadh Ojha sir also used to prepare for competitive examinations but they did not get success in the competitive examination so they chose the teaching profession. If you have a teaching-related degree then you can be invited to any college for teaching. A field is an eternal field.

5. Business- By preparing for the competitive exam you can get new opportunities in the business field or you can make your existence in the business related to the competitive exam. Today many aspirants who were once preparing for the competitive exam but failed in the competitive exam so they started a business then and are successful today. A business is any type of business you can do. As you have good knowledge of current affairs, you can create new opportunities because of the knowledge gained in competitive exams. You can do business in digital products physical products or services-related business. For competitive exam, you can open the Test Series Center or Student Counseling Center.

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